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Yiğit Battery has started research and development activites in the beginning of 2008. As of today, by realizing the first production, we have managed to break the domination of gel battery importation in the market. Exporters who were selling with high profit margins had to lower their prices when we entered into the market. Yiğit Battery carries on research and development activities and soon will introduce new generation gel batteries in the market.

Why Yiğit Battery Gel is preffered? 

- Even though it is said that guarantee is provided for the far eastern gel batteries, which have 90 % share of the market, applications do not coincide with that fact. Also, there are so few importers who provide technical services. However, having an experience of 34 years, Yiğit Battery always supports its products through 4000 sales point and service network. Yiğit Battery Gel has 2 years of guarantee period and its lifetime is approximately 5 years.
- It takes minimum 6 months for an ultimate consumer to have a gel battery after its production in a factory in far east. Regardless the kind of the battery, this period of time results in discharge of the battery. In some cases, a battery with one year of storage time can be seen in the market. This situation affects the lifetime and the capacity of a battery. Time period between production date and utilization date in Yiğit Battery Gel is maximum 1 month. This period is acceptable in international literature.
- Unit prices of gel batteries in the market are very high and consumers pay these prices for the batteries mentioned above. We claim that Yiğit Battery Gel is much more reasonible than its competitors when the price that is paid by the ultimate consumer is compared.

What is a gel battery? Where it is used?

- It is sealed maintenance free and its maintenance cost is almost zero.   
- Fully leakage proof and works even it is partially affected.
-Gives perfect result in vibrating environment.
- Even it is not charged immediately, it can be recovered from “Deep Discharge”.
- It has low internal resistance.
- It is produced according to a design that protects positive plates which leads to prolong cyclic life.
- It has anticorrosive and lead alloy plates in its grid.
- It has low self-discharge and long storage time. It protects 80 % of its capacity during 6 months of shelf-life.
- It is an environmental friendly battery.

Our batteries can be used safely in ;

- Solar systems.
- Ships, boats, and water transportation vehicles as marine battery.
- Wind energy systems.
- Defence industry vehicles like tank, panzer, boats.
- Battery-operated wheelchairs.
- Construction equipment.
- Cleaning equipment.
- Golf cars.
- UPS systems.
- Road lighting and warning signs.
- Deep cyclic applications.



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